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Michael’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 24 Mar 2007

Location: Southampton, England

MapHey guys,

Some how tonight ended with the worst case of cabin fever ever. As such, headed 'home' to the walkie and had a couple drinks to 'ease the tension'. Well, going for a quiet drink was an interesting concept, that never came to fruition. During my first drink, whilst I was talking to Lyall at the bar, a Fijian walked up and started chatting to him. Somehow I got dragged over to his mates who are all in the British Armed Services. These boys can drink. Damn. They will order a HUGE jug of Fosters, or a small jug of Jack Daniels with 5 shots, and a pint of coke, and just drink. I never saw the guys with less than 3 or 4 jugs sitting next to them. And they don't drink, they skull. I got passed the cup (which goes round to everyone in the circle) and had a sip and one of the guys goes "Hey, in the South Pacific we don't drink that way mate, we hit it in one".

Anyway, I went from sober to tipsy in the matter of no time at all, which certainly wasn't the initial intention. But at the end of the day, I didn't pay for any of the drinks, so didn't care too much. So chatted with those guys for a while who were great value, and then started hanging with the Walkabout crew, half of whom seemed to have the night off as it was sooo quiet. I had no intention of staying out late, but next thing I notice that it is 2am, the pub is shutting and everyone is leaving.

Rather than the usual sit in the pub after close drinking, the guys and girls all left and headed to the strippers across the road at FYEO. I wandered across after everyone else had headed in and the bouncer just said - you work at the Walkabout? Of course I'm like, 'yeah mate' with my Aussie accent how was he to know any different and let me in for free. There was 15 of us wandering around the strippers before we all converged on a couple tables and sat down to a drink or two. Finally my body was telling me I'd had enough and after the one drink I pushed off and walked home.

Once there I turned on the computer and my early night that I was going to hgave to catch up on sleep was detroyed as I sat up till after 4 am watching the end of the sweet 16 stage of the NCAA tournament live... yeah, long night to cap a damn long week.

Cacth you all on the flip side - anyone looking for me on Saturday I will be at the Walkie watching the Aussies kick some South African ass in cricket!

At the Walkie I had a couple drinks...