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Michael’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 07 Apr 2007

MapHappy Easter Sunday guys,

Sunday morning here, and just a quick update to let you know how things are going here in the last week or so.

Wednesday night Cari, her housemate and I headed out to the Mayflower Theatre to see Starlight Express. This is a production I saw YEARS ago at Melbourne Tennis Centre. It has huge. or those that don't know, the rough idea of the production is a train race, and the people that represent the trains act on roller skates. Pretty damn cool actually. In Melbourne, the concert was at the tennis centre, so the show was 'in the round' so to speak. It gave a huge chance for ramps, jumps and all sorts of great skate racing.

In a theatre it is a bit different, and much more contained. As such, it wasn't quite on such a grand scale. The other thing that became very apparent was that in the 5 years that the show has been off since it finished at the West End in London, they have tinkered with some of the music to make it a little more present day, with hip-hoppers (hopper trains that try to rap) and a couple of disney-esqu songs designed to get the crowd into it more. So, not what I was expecting, but still stoked I got to see it.

Thursday was a tough day at work. It felt like a Friday, which means 1-130 knock off. Unfortunately it was a Thursday, and as such, it was longer... I had thankfully booked the 4 pm knock off time at work. Made it through the day, and what a lovely day it was. Straight after work I went out for a drink, or a couple, with Laura from work and her boyfriend for her birthday.

Friday was another lovely day. I'm getting a good feeling about this up coming summer! Dan, Meg and I headed out to Milton on the Sea for a bit. We stopped on the way to have a drink in a pub with a beer garden then headed down to the 'beach'. Some hot chips, and sitting on the pebbles by the ocean soaking up the rays. Another un in the sun kinda day!

Saturday was another lazy sunny day (lovin the idea of saying that for the next 6 months?). But it was also the first time I had heard of a bizarre event called The Boat Race. Okay, so maybe the event wasn't so bizarre, but the hype was... and before you ask, the boat race doesn't involve skulling beers, at least not until the race is over!

Every Easter Saturday, Oxford and Cambridge race each other in 8 man boat, with a cox (Cambridge's was a chick this year) for about 4 and a quater miles (6.8km) up the Thames River in London. This is the 153rd race, and each year after one school ooses, they cahllenge the other scool to a re-match. Millions of people watch it on TV, and 250,000 people line the banks of the river to watch the boats fly past. These guys on the boats are tanks, huge, muscle bound and fitness freaks. They row flat out, between 35 and 45 strokes per minute for over 18 minutes to finish the race. I've neevr seen people look so drained, and they train HARD for 7 months throw down all in one race.

Anyway, last year was torrential with rain, and the Cambridge boat essentially sunk, while the Oxford boat took on the extra weight of a pump for the race and had some way of bailing the water out. As such, Oxford won, and Cambridge threw down the challenge in a big way this year. Of their 8 man crew, they had an Olympic Gold medalist, a couple German powerhouse world champions, and 5 returning rowers. Oxford didn't have a whole lot other than heart... They gave it a damn good run, but lost by 4 seconds, or one boat length... anyway, it is definitely something that I hope to see from the banks of the river one day (a few good pubs in Hammersmith worth sitting in to watch the rece I reckon) and not just on TV.

Last night was a BBQ at one of Nat and Cari's old work mates. It was a pretty quiet night on my behalf (I played DD), but it was a good feed - you know I'm up for any BBQ, anywhere, anytime.

Today will be training for football, and then a trip to London, either tonight or tomorrow, to catch up with Kristy before she heads off back to Oz on Thursday. In football news, there is big talks in plan for some massive fund raising and a tidy little publicity stunt, but I will keep the details quiet till all has been sorted out - yeah yeah...

Have a hapopy Easter ya'll, hope the bunny finds ya!