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Michael’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 19 Jun 2007

MapOkay guys....

Since IOW Festival. Well, it has taken a long time to re-charge the batteries, and I am still not there yet. Despite getting back from the festival at a reasonable hour on the Sunday evening, by the time everyone had showers, and used flushing toilets, it was after 1 am. Plus my blow up mattress was in the back of Meg's car, and the rest of the posse weren't due to get on a ferry till 330 am, so I headed for the couch and let Milo and Karla take my bed. That was fine until 340 am when Dan strolled in having caught the earlier ferry and decided he wanted to make a snack before going to bed. I kindly asked him to piss off and that he didn't need to eat at that time of day, and he agreed. Another hour or so of snoozing, and then my alarm went off at 5am to get Milo and Karla up for their taxi to the airport at 520am. Another hours nap, this time in my bed, and at 630 I was up and on my way to work... fatigue didn't set in till Tuesday though.

Tuesday, being my birthday, was the day that the weekends activities took their toll. Plus it was my birthday. It was a low key affair, but thanks to everyone that rang, wrote and messaged me, be it a day early or late! Must be the time difference that mucked up so many people! Training was a short session, and a quick beer at the Walkie before heading home.

Wednesday the real fun began. Thank-you so much to Cari for booking Dockgate4 and to whoever organised (Cari and Nat I presume) the balloons, cake, and happy birthday confetti. It made for a truly memorable meal. The food was incredible. I had an awesome fresh salmon en tree with crab meat and a fillet steak for mains. Everyone else's food that I sampled was incredible too. The place was decked out with balloons tied to the back of my chair, and shiny happy birthday confetti spread over the table. And at the end of the meal they brought out the birthday cake and everyone sang Happy Birthday. To everyone there (you know who you are) thanks guys, you rock. Stef, thanks for the Swiss Army knife birthday present, Cari, Nat, Dan and Meg, thanks for the STA Travel voucher. Thank you for realising that I have to get out and see more of the world, and get out of my comfort zone! Nat and Cari, or whoever it was, thanks for sorting out my bill too - you all rock guys.

Aside from that, everything has been pretty uneventful. We won football on the weekend in convincing fashion:

and I had a pretty lazy weekend outside of footy, letting the batteries recharge.

There were brief plans to head to Stonehenge tomorrow (Wednesday) night for the summer solstice festival. Unfortunately Nat has been called to fly to Moscow, so I think I will have to give that one a miss without and automobile of my own. Plus, if the weather is anything like today, it will be pretty miserable. Plenty of excitement coming up in the near future with Richie and Nath showing up, and a Bulls re-run. Plus there is murmurs of a trip to Wimbledon if one of the early days next week gets rained out and they have to make up time on the Sunday...

Anyway, will keep you posted on what is my life as news comes to hand ;-) Miss you all...