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Michael’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 03 Jul 2007

Location: Southampton, England

MapHey guys,

Okay, so the end of last week was a joke. Every single plan that I could come up with failed miserably, and not necessarily due to my own fault:

Plan 1: Meet Richie in London to go and see Bone Thugs N Harmony concert with support act Twista. At the end of the evening, meet Nath at Waterloo and head back to Southampton. Well, I was informed by the guy that was supposed to buy my third ticket (the one Nath couldn't use as he wasn't getting in till 930pm) saying that the concert had been postponed. After much stuffing around, I was finally able to confirm this. It wasn't confirmed from Ticketmaster until almost 4pm, at which point I would have blown 30 quid on a train ticket to get into town. So, first things first, get Richei and Nath to Southampton.

Plan 2: Go to Hampshire 20/Twenty cricket match with tickets "won" at the Walkabout on Friday avo. It was Morgwn's (who works at Walkie and dates Tommy from the footy club, but more amazingly lived in Chirnie and went to Tintern) birthday that night. The plan was for me, Richie and Tom to head down, having dropped Richie's bag at the Walkie when he arrived. Alas, the earlier heavy rain reulted in the game being cancelled, and we instead had a couple beers and dinner at the Walkie.

Finally, Nath rocked up some time between 12 and 1 and we went to bed, ready for a 4 hour trip to Thanet in the morning for football. For the second week in a row we played in a wet game, and we managed to win our fourth game on the trot, beating Sussex 72-69, Richie kicking the winning goal. That night we headed back to the Walkie for a few celebratory drinks. Check the club website for game details:

Sunday was a very lazy day and to celebrate the start of July, and more importantly, the smoking ban, we headed out for a VERY late lunch. It is amazing how much the smell of smoke quickly disapears, but is just as quickly replaced by the stench of stale urine and beer in pubs.

Monday, after a monster shift at work, we headed out for dinner at Banana Wharf with Cari. The lads headed up to Bath to trace Richie's roots from a few generations back. Tuseday saw me back at work, the lads at Stonehenge, and a very lazy pizza dinner... I think we're all getting ready for Pamplona on Thursday... BRING IT ON!

Stay tuned for more running of the Bulls action again this year!