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Michael’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 12 Jul 2007

Location: Southampton, England

MapDon't you just love taking those relaxing holidays, where you feel great, and don't have a care in the world, just to have it spoilt by delays on the way home? Good thing I didn't have a relaxing holiday I guess, that way it can't be ruined!

Anyway, after pulling EVERY bag out of the baggage hold, and moving the portable stairs on the 757 to the front and rear doors, they started asking people to exit from the front of the plane, locate their bag, which would then be put bag into the baggage hold, and to re-enter the plane from the back steps and take your seat again.

Just as the first people started doing this, a message from the pilot - the bag has been found with its owner in lounge somewhere in the airport. How he managed to check his bag, and still have it with him I don't know. But in any case, every bag on the plane was now accounted for and we were clear for take-off... as soon as a spot opened. The 630 flight finally kicked off at 950pm - YAY!

That meant I got into Heathrow at 1045pm local time, and it was a 75 minutes before I managed clear customs and get my bags. I sprinted to the National Express terminal, and made it there with 2 minutes to spare to catch the Portsmouth bus. Problem was they wouldn't let me use the return ticket that I had bought as it was for the 845 bus that I had booked on only - no transfer. They waited five minutes while I bought a new ticket and we headed off.

Made it to Southampton just before 2, and I had no cash on me so started walking - in the rain. Got to the train station and planned on getting cash and a taxi home but the terminal was shut, so I couldn't get to the cash machines. I gave up, and walked home, sulking in the rain. Got in the door about quarter past 2. After toilet and shower, one load of washing on, and removing all the blow up mattresses and crap from my bed, it was just before three before I go to sleep.

To make matters worse, the Laura who sits across from me at work had text my while I was on the flight saying that we're doing a presentation at work today, and that she's starting at 630am, and suggests I get in as early as possible - no sleep in today.

So match sticks holding my eyes open, I am fighting through the day - but know for sure that it was all worthwhile, and won't be shying away from another 'weekender' trip when the right opportunity comes along.