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Michael’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 18 Jul 2007

Location: South, England

MapHey guys,

Well, made it through last week somehow. Man I was tired after Spain. No rest for the wicked though! Wednesday night Kate Dundas from high school came into Southampton and we ended up having dinner at Zen the Japanese Restaurant in town, then crashed at my place. Another late night there, and the following morning I headed off to work and Kate continued her trip to Stonehenge and on.

Last week was pretty quiet. I started getting sick towards the end of the week - straight run down I think - and had a VERY quiet weekend. Friday nigt was DVD, a pizza and a glass of champagne for Meg's birthday, Saturday I managed to get out of football umpirng and slept for 11 hours! Saturady night was quiet as well, and Sunday we got back into the swing of footy with a solid training session.

This week has been good - I'm starting to get a pep back in my step finally. Found out tonight that we will be hosting the semi finals this weekend, despite finishing second on the ladder as Bournemouth couldn't arrange a ground. That is a blessing - and with this weeks HUGE game against Sussex (beat them by 3 poinst last time we played them) every blessing is worth being thankful for.

Aside form that - pushing along trying to get my visa sorted. Of course, when risking throwing over 400 pound to try and get it extended, you want to make sure everything is in order... at this stage, I am not sure it is all in order, and am gonna try and get some confidence about the whole thing before I go sending it off. Will keep you all posted.

In the mean time, wish me luck for the game on Saturday!