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Michael’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 25 Jul 2007

Location: Southampton, England

MapSo... it has been a while.

Fair to say that I have been pretty devastated since the loosing the semi-final on Saturday. The game was a corker for the first three quarters, with the margin never getting above 2 goals. Once again, the Titans managed to win the third quarter, the premiership quarter (every single game for the season), and we were trailing by just 3 points at the last break. Unfortunately, that was about the end of the run. Sussex kicked the first two goals of the last quarter, and a goal and a behind to our guys made the margin just 8 points with about 8 minutes left. From there though, it went all downhill. We didn't manage another score for the game - Sussex poured on 4 late goals and the final score line was a 33 point blow out - 101 to 68.

Saturday afternoon and night was pretty long, commisserating our loss at our sponsor's premesis. Sunday morning a few of us got together for breakfast and slowly enjoyed the first day of sunshine that we'd seen in God only knows how long, moving along the main road of Southampton.

Anyway, work has been going well, and it seems like I will be getting my visa sorted. A bit of overtime and I have pushed my earnings up for the year and I should be able to apply for it at the end of next month, rather than in September.

Not much else is goin on at the moment. Possibly heading into London for the Red Bull Air Show on Sunday, weather permitting. Heading out soon to go catch The Simpson's Movie. Other than that - just wrapping up the end of the football season committments, and the a chunk load of free time - HELL YEAH!