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Michael’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 02 Aug 2007

Location: Southampton, England

MapDespite once being told by a wise man that I could get the same sensation of sailing by standing in a cold shower and ripping up $50 notes, I have decided to head to the Isle of Wight this weekend for Cowes Week. Already you can see the town absolutely buzzing for this festival that officially starts Saturday and runs for the whole week, concluding the following Sunday. People at work at taking the week off to enjoy the festival, others are going on holiday to rent their house for the week at rediculous prices, and many like me are just gonna go about our usual business, except maybe stop for a beer on the way home from work.

According to the Rough Guide's book World Party, it is the biggest sailing regatta in the world with around 8000 competitors and 1000 lobbing up to this usually sleepy little town. The book also says that there are lots of live music acts, outdoor parties and plenty of drinking - I just hope the weather is good for the day. In my opinion, the best part of it has to be that if my phone diea and I miss the last ferry home, I can walk to some of the peoples from work house and knock until they let me in - no sleeping in a doorway this weekend!

Anywho, there are sure to be pictures of the madness and mayhem that is 1000 boats trying to race out of a river and into the Solent, and I will get them up as soon as possible. Take care, and have a great weekend.