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Michael’s Travel Diary

Monday, 27 Aug 2007

MapSo, on to last Saturday in Brussels.

We woke up around 11 am and had a pathetic breakfast near the Grand Place in Brussels By 1 pm we were at the main train station looking for a train to Bruges. A 1:30 train meant we were in Bruges by 2:30 and wandering around this old town. The Lonely Planet suggests that Bruges could be the 'perfect tourist attraction'. Weather or not I'd go that far is another point, but the town was nice. The city is one of Europe best preserved medieval towns, and also Belgium's most visited. Aside from wandering around the town, there really wasn't a whole lot to do. The city is filled with gardens, statues and most of all old Gothic churches. So yeah, most of the day was spent wandering around the town. Eventually we found a place that we could grab a couple drinks in the afternoon sun.

We sat there, and met more travelers than there were locals, so perhaps there was a but of truth to suggest that Bruges is the most visited city in Belgium. As the afternoon wore on, we headed to Pizza Hut for a bite to eat, anticipating an all you can eat buffet. Turns out they don't do all you can eat during the summer – too many pizzas to cook in too small a kitchen or something. So we paid 10 euro for the salad bar, a tiny individual pan pizza and a dessert. When Pottsy still wasn't satisfied after dessert and went and got another plate of salad, the waiter said we'd be charged for it. Apparently the salad bar wasn't all you can eat either! Upon receiving the bill, and being told to take it to the register, we crossed out two of the three meals and ended up only paying for the one meal... suckers!

From there we wandered back to the train station to head back to Brussels. Once back, given we hadn't had a whole lot of sleep the night before we decided to crash from 9 till 11 and head out after that. A short conference call with Pottsy and he and I were happy to crash for the rest of the night. Robbie made it clear that he was heading out, and before long, all three of us were dressed and in the lobby of the hotel. We headed into town again, and tried to get into the casino. Unfortunately without passports and better dress standard, we were knocked back and started looking around town. It didn't take long till we came across a bar playing loud Latin music into the street with a live band. The bar was packed, so we hit the Irish pub across the road and sat outside listening to the Latin music.

There we met a couple English girls from Brighton and couple of NYC blokes, smoked our cigars and had a couple beers. Again, Tommy was catered for, and on the odd occasion his drinks were forgotten, shots were taken. Soon we headed to a night club that was owned by the Irish bar that we were in, and just a couple doors up. We stayed there for a while, before moving on to Celtica, the same place as from the night before. Thankfully the night wasn't as late as the previous evening/morning, and after a staggered departure, I was the last to leave just before 5, slowly making my way home and getting to be around 630am – decided to wait for the trains to start rather than cabbing it.

Sunday and Monday will follow shortly, as will the details & pics from this weekend, including the Power Boat Racing at the Isle of Wight on Friday, good weather, BBQ at Nat & Cari's Saturday night, lazy Sunday, Transformers, and The Notting Hill Carnival tomorrow... stay tuned.