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Michael’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 18 Oct 2007

Location: Bournemouth, England

MapI've seen a lot of stand up (okay, not heaps, but my fair share) and for someone to stand on stage for two hours and roll with the jokes is quite incredible in my books... that is what happened last night when Cari, Nat, Stef, Cari's dad and sister and I headed down to Bournemouth to see Billy Connolly live.

He came on just a few minutes after 8pm, and after bagging out the Scottish and English soccer teams (who lost to Georgia and Russia respectively earlier in the day) for a brief period, went into the free-wheeling, yet well structured, act.

The act was funny almost all the whole way through, with very few periods of anything even close to dull. The customary 'f--k' was thrown in more times that Scarface the movie. It would be great to say the Billy managed to seamlessly move from one tale to the next, but in all honesty, the stories jumped from one point to another, with the punchline gag of the night started 3 or 4 times over the space of the last hour before it was finally finished right on two hours. His imagination, and supposed life experience, enough to keep listeners entertained for hours.

As good as it was, there is one thing I do have to say. The tickets were 35 pounds ($87) and as I said it was a full two hours. But I have laughed just as hard, if not harder, over the space of an hour on numerous occasions at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, paying between $7 and $15 a ticket. So in that sense, it does seem a bit steep. However, to see someone keep it going for two hours is another story, and with Billy, there was no feeling of hit or miss - you knew you'd have a laugh. Whilst I have seen some great comedians (well known and otherwise) at the comedy festival in the past, I have seen some horrors too! No risk of that occurring in this case.

Anyway, one more day of work, then a weekend of rugby and the exhibition football match.

Will be in touch soon.

Also, am raising funds for Prostate Cancer Research as part of Movember.

If you want to donate, leave me a message and I will let you know how.