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Michael’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 11 Dec 2007

Location: Southampton, England

MapHey Ya'll,

Just a quick update of the last week and a bit. Only a few things to chat about, the next excitment starts again this weekend with a trip to Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. But back to last week first...

Headed across to the mainland last Wednesday night to catch up with Cari her brthday. Dinner and a couple of drinks round there and it was a good night.

Friday avo was the work Christmas lunch. Not exactly the worlds classiest affair, and everyone had to pay for their own food. Not a dime dropped by work... oh well. When you start the festivities around lunch time, they seem to get pretty crazy by the end of the evening. But the main thing that stands out is that:

1. No one on the island knows what a Jager Bomb is,
2. Newport may actually be a good night out.

After the last drinks were called at The Anchor in Cowes, I bailed for the mainland and caught up with Cari and Nat for Cari's birthday part II. Not long after I arrived at La Mahgarita's we all bailed and partied on at Nat & Cari's place.

The next morning, feeling a little worse for ware, I trudged down to the training ground at 11 am in the most wet, cold and miserable weather I have seen in ages. We trained for a while, and around 1 finally gave up. At 2pm the AGM at the Walkie started and there is now a committee elected with other people taking the role of secretary and treasurer... sweet!

Saturday evening - there was an interesting one. I was so tired after the Friday night and training, I ended up taking an hour power nap at the old house and woke up for take away Chineese and Transformers! Hell yeah, EXACTLY what I needed. After that we followed it up with Back to the Future Part 2! Score again.

Then the night got different.

I left the house around 2 am and walked down to the Walkie. As I arrived at 230 am, the street in front of the pub was packed. The pub, which like most places in England has a 2 am license, had arranged an extended license for the Hatton/Mayweather fight. A free entry into the pub, and not too much waiting in the street like everyone else, and I was inside having my first beer for the evening, just before 3 am! And what's worse, all the staff that I was supposed to watch the fight with got stuck working as it was so bloody busy.

And the Walkie doesn't generally have the classiest clients of all time, but on this fight night, the clients reached a new level of chav! Man, this fight bought the best of Englands fans out for the big fight. It was busy as hell when I first got in there, and as time went on, waiting for the big fight, the pub was thinning out with people choosing to leave of their own accord, but more getting kicked out!

I don't even know why I was there. I don't even really like boxing, and the fight didn't start till 430 am, but I was there. One of those specticles that I have to be a part of... though would rather have been a part of it in Vegas! Anyway, it was nice seeing all of the drunked English chavs go home unhappy after the fight. A one hour long ferry ride, and a half hour walk in the rain to home had me in bed some time around 8 am Sunday morning... ouch.

Anyway, that about sums everything up for now. I fly out to Slovenia on Saturday, and am still working on what I am doing the following weekend before Christmas and the time leading up to New Years. At this stage, as long as the funds hold up, t is looking more like Lithuania for Xmas, a few days in Latvia and Estonia for New Year's.

Love you all guys and gays..

Hope you're all enjoying the lead up to Christmas... the weather here is lovely!