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Michael’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 27 Dec 2007

Location: Budapest, Hungary

MapMy God it is cold!

It must be somewhere near negative 4 or 5 outside, and I have just come back from the pub. Infact, the minute I checked in I was dragged away to the pub for some drinks, it seems everyone in this hostel is an Aussie, the closest being a chick from Mansfield.

The day was pretty uneventful - a ferry ride, followed by two long bus rides, the first to Heathrow, then the connection to Luton. I made the flight, not with a lot of time to spare, but certainly no time for a browse in the duty free or a bite of Maccas.

When I lobbed up at Budapest airport, which seemed pretty small, I was please to notice a lot of signage and instructions in English. I was able to get out pretty quickly, and in my true fashion caught a bus to the nearest metro station and then a train into town.

Aisde from the first thing I saw on the way to land being a Tesco, and a whole lot of snow on the ground, the first thing of note was the very Eastern Block looing train station that I walked into. Whilst it represented a neighbourhood that I would never in my wildest dreams visit in Melbourne, it also represented the cheapest path into Budapest.

The tunnel leading to the tracks, that were actually crossing over the tracks, appeared to be the house of a number of homeless people... a large number. And at 9 pm at night, it seemed that they all liked learing around posts, seemingly pissed, though I didn't see any alcohol cans on them, and generally looking like a menace. Then again, there was a bottle shop in the 'tunnel' so they had plenty of access to booze if they wanted it.

To further confirm my Socialist impressions, the train looked like a throwback from the 50's with doors that shut way to loud, and mish-mash interior for the seats and wall panels, and all of the stations had the same bland dirty beige walls. It was an adventure again. Whilst Ljubljana might have been Eastern Europe, it was way to prissy and perfect to macth the outskirts of Budapest.

20 Minutes later I was walking up the steps of the Metro being balsted by the cold night air. Quickly I managed to find the hostel and, as I said, check in and get dragged back out to the pub. The pub we went to had a band playing, who the lead guitarist and saxaphonist just happened to be the co-owners of the hostel... The saxaphonest being a 22 year old bloke from Nwcastle... I think he is on a mini gold mine here at the moment! Anyway, back at the ostel now, just gone 1 am, and headed for bed soon.

Will be updating regularly over the next 4-5 days as the net here is free.

Take care and check back soon for more updates!