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Michael’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 24 Jan 2008

Location: Isle of Wight, England

MapHey Guys,

Just a quick hello. Work has been crazy at the moment, so much overtime that next months pays will be nice and healthy. Am bookin the flights back to Oz this weekend (Jaime, where' my invite to the wedding????) and celebrating Oz Day in style... well a BBQ breakfast and then the Walkabout... what's that say about my style? Rather not think about it.

Anyway, have barely left the house the last week, except to go to work of course. Leaving home at 7 am and getting home around 730 pm (the travel is only 15 minutes each way) makes for long days. But as I said, at the moment the thought of the $$$$ is getting me through (sorry, no pound symbol on my computer!)

Football club is getting bigger and better this year. We are in the process of trying to arrange a pre-season tournament that would have 10 teams come to Southampton and play a bunch of shortened games in one day. Aside from that we have a new sponsor on board, more players than we did at this time last year, a committee and plenty of interest. So far so good for 2008.

I have also registered my interest in playing for the Wight Rhino's, the Isle of Wight Gridiron team. It has been extinct for the last 15 years, but people are trying to bring it back. They first pushed the idea in last Friday's weekly island newspaper, and have had 20 replies to the add for interested players already wehn I rang this evening. I don't know where it will go, adn have no time for trying to establish another sporting club over in the UK, but am keen to get out and train. They hope to be game ready for the 2009 season which starts in March. In the mean time they hope to train and have pre-arranged a couple friendlies against mainland teams in October after the 2008 season ends.

Other than that, not a whole lot to report. Next week is the trip to Krakow with Pottsy, and then looking to book the trip to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia for Easter some time in the next week as well. Pottsy is coming along on that 10 day haul as well, and refuses to break his tradition of not checking in any luggage. That's going to be one smelly boy by the end of the trip.

Anyway, hope you all enjoy your Australia Day, I know i will find it a welcome respite from work. Though I think some of the lads may struggle on Sunday afternoon when we get back into another training session.

Take care, miss you all, wherever you are!