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Michael’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 05 Feb 2008

Location: Cowes, England

MapHey guys,

Literally just walked in the door 20 minutes ago, put the laundry on and checked my mail... it is now 1115am and I am off to work - boo. Usually not such a problem, but we did leave the hostel in Krakow at 1230am English time this morning, and I have only just got home now, so I am not too cure how productive I will be? Admittedly, Pottsy and I chose to sleep from 7pm through till the time we left, figuring it would equal in price to the other option (drink through till we leave) but we'd feel much better on the journey home... gald we made the wise choice. I will write in detail later, but it was another good trip, though I never did quite figure out why Krakow is the most visited city in Poland. It's cool, but certainly not the best palce...

Stay tuned in, more to follow soon :-)