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Michael’s Travel Diary

Monday, 17 Mar 2008

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

MapFirst let me say, whilst it might be freezing here, the chicks are HOT! Absolute Stunners....

Anyway, got in Saturday at about 10pm and dropped our stuff off and headed out for beers. Being St. Paddy's weekend we went to the Dubliner, but it was pretty crappy. After 1 beer there we pushed off up the road to a place called The Pub and the place oppposite was Cozy. We decided on The Pub and found ourselves there chatting and dancing with locals till some time after 4am when the place shut. Asking around where we countinue partying we were told that there weren't too many places still opens, but they did know of a place and we could go along with them.

So a bunch of us endup at this restaurant, and started having a couple beers there. Before long Potter was hungry and asked if they still had food available- the answer was yes, so at 5am Potter ordered the steak! I wanted something a little smaller, it was 5 am after all, and ordered a pork dish. I didn't realise that it would be half the bloody pig! It was hug, and I didn't even pretend to try and get through it! Finally, just after 6 am and Potter bordering on becomming a drunken menace, we headed back to the hostel. A nice long night to get introduced to Vilnius...

I will write more again soon, but this keyboard sucks, so you will haveto wait!