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Michael’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 19 Jun 2008

Location: Melbourne, Australia

MapI know this was a long time coming, but despite being at home (most nights) with free and easy access to a computer, as well as my laptop, whilst I was away, I really didn't find a whole lot of time to myself in the 13 days I was in Melbourne. In all honesty, I left Melbourne frustrated at just how quickly the time had come and gone, and how little I was able to enjoy myself whilst there.

Don't get me wrong, I had an absolute blast while I was there, and made the most of my time there, but something was definitely missing. I don't know weather things had changed since I had left, or I had changed since I had left, or perhaps I was just expecting something to have changed and nothing had?

I guess in the end I had never had a chance to 'holiday' in Melbourne. I associate Melbourne with going to work during the days, and living my life at nights. It is where I grew up, went to uni, had my first job, and spent all of my life until I packed up and went wandering a couple years back. Now to return, and not have to work during the days, and be a man of leisure for almost 2 weeks, I didn't know what to do with myself. Melbourne isn't a city that I want to wander around and explore, given how well I know so much of it, and so it was simply time to catch up with people. And that can be harder work than maintaining the old 9-5 job, especially when you try to see 'everyone' in such a short time frame. In any case, here is a run down of what took up my time over the 13 days I was in Melbourne, more for my sake than anyone else. You won't find interesting historical details on Melbourne in this little entry...

Friday 6th June.
Arrived home and picked up by Jaime from the airport. Haven't seen my little sis since I left Aus, and she was the reason for my trip home, her wedding in two weeks time. First feed once on Melbourne soil a couple of dim sims (1 steamed and 1 fried) from the fish and chips shop on Bridge Road. Headed to Knox so Jaime could look for costume stuff for concert, had lunch and then home. Saw dance studio and Dad's new 'project house'. Went out for Japanese dinner with family (inc. Paul) in Ringwood and promptly fell asleep.

Saturday 7th June.
Got lift to Eastland with Milo hoping to sort out health insurance. Closed. Met up with Potter who'd come out from Albury to catch up and went to Coach & Horses and watched Adelaide vs. Richmond. Went home, fell asleep... so much for having kicked the jet lag! Woke up round 9 and headed to Irish pub at Knox to meet Milo and Karla et al around 10.

Sunday 8th June.
Richie picked me up and we went to play gridiron against Seahawks at Berwick's ground. Played all bar first two series at DE and on every kick off. Had a few tackles, a great time, but felt rusty. We won 75-0. Went out to Richmond that night, RCH with everyone from the gridiron team, Spen, Gridley, Big Stu, Olly, Judd. Really good night. Moved to Corner, The Swan and then Bridie's. Crashed at Spen's.

Monday 9th June.
Melbourne vs. Collingwood at the MCG. Not such a great game, Pies won by about 6 goals. Headed to Lora's Docklands apartment after the game and falling asleep standing up, headed home on the train.

Tuesday 10th June.
Sleep in! Met up with Kristy at Chadstone for lunch and caught up for a while. Birthday dinner at home, even if it was a couple days early - the usual Chinese. Headed in after dinner to Lora's and caught up with her (a little more awake this time) and went to see Shutter at Crown. Only time I went to casino the whole time in Melbourne, surprising! Wandered around town late at night (early am) looking at how it had changed (not too much) and gazing at the Eureka Tower.

Wednesday 11th June.
Breakfast in the docklands before heading back out to the burbs and visiting the old primary school to see Mum's class and Jaime's Wakakiri show. Headed home and finalised (and started) birthday dinner plans. Spot of shopping.

Thursday 12th June.
Birthday. Bit more shopping. Headed into town for dinner at Feddish at Fed Square. Thought the food was pretty good, personally. Anth, Amber, Charles, Lora, Clint, Gridley, Judd and Rob had dinner, and Olly and Selina rocked up later. Headed to Transport after dinner with Lora for a drink and after trying another bar that was closed (and being told off for making the taxi driver drive such a short distance - it was raining) headed back to Lora's.

Friday 13th June.
Not as scary as the day sounds. Lunch in the city before heading home to the burbs. Got lift back into Richmond in the evening with Jaime for the 10-year high-school reunion. Really good night. Wasn't a whole heap going on that side of Richmond afterwards though and the night ended kinda quickly and prematurely when the Spread Eagle closed. Stayed in Richmond overnight.

Saturday 14th June.
Spent the morning at Jaime's dance concert as an usher, being amazed at just how impatient, inconsiderate and rude (and downright dumb) some parents and spectators can be. Had a bit of snooze in the afternoon before heading back for the evening concert, to work as a ticket seller. Exhausted and actually stayed home that night... against all previous plans.

Sunday 15th June.
Early brunch with Lauren, Michelle, Jan and Charles in Richmond before walking with Charles to the MCG for Carlton vs. Collingwood. Went to game with Anth, Charles, Mum, Dad, Jaime & Paul, Tom and Paula, Jochetz and Galloway. Wandered around the MCC Members, and all through the Great Northern Stand that was only being constructed when I left. Great game, Blues up by 30 points in the end. 80,310 people at the match. After the game went to The London Tavern with Charles and Anth for dinner, then to The Precinct (pretty average) and Holi Ava where Jaime met us. Caught train home.

Monday 16th June.
Quiet day at home. Went to Richie’s for Mexican dinner with Coops, Nath and a couple others. Straight out chill session, talking crap over a couple beers for too long.

Tuesday 17th June.
Shopping. Headed to Clint's new house in Essendon for dinner. On the way home dropped into Cheers to catch up with Megan and reminisce. Place hasn't changed a bit in the 10 years since I first set foot in there... though I still did get asked for ID despite being the oldest person in the building!

Wednesday 18th June.
Pack bags again. Headed into city in the afternoon and caught up with Lora and went up to the Eureka Tower observation deck. Not the best view in the world from the inside as there is too much light in the building obscuring the light outside. The outside observation deck is much better though. The EDGE, which moves out over the edge of the building is gimmicky, and doesn't give you any better view outside of being able to see up and down (it is a glass box) but is none the less pretty cool. Headed to The Hawthorn for dinner with uni, high school and gridiron mates before everyone left and they shut the pub. Headed home.

Thursday 19th June.
Up early, said goodbye to Melbourne and headed to the airport for flight to Noosa for the wedding.

Details of the wedding and Noosa soon!