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Michael’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 12 Jul 2008

Location: London, England

MapSo, last Friday night was awesome - the old gate crashing your sisters honeymoon trick.

Nat and I headed in after I finished work and we caught up with Jaime and Paul at their hotel. From there we walked to Oxford Street near Piccadilly Circus and met up with Mark (Pauls' cuz) and his girlfriend. She had booked us a table at Milk & Honey, the same bar that I took Stef and Scotty when we all went to London a few months back - members bar, but before 11pm you can drink there with a booking. The Mojito's were incredible, and the prices not too bad. The atmosphere seemed a bit better this time, and the music matched the speakeasy feel really well with some kick ass jazz.

Yoz met us there, and then we headed out for dinner at a place called Ping Pong, of which there are a handful in London. It is a Dim Sum place, where your tick boxes on a long sheet of paper to order, and the trays upon trays of food are brought out. It really was delicious. Highly recommended, and despite being told it would be 30 mins + (at 830 pm on Friday) we were seated within 20 or so.

From dinner we found a shitty bar and had a drink and it was there that Nat and I planned to head off from, in order to catch the tube to the last train back to Southampton. Jaime, being here usual princess-ness, demanded we (well, I) stayed longer, the last tube eventually drifted past. It wasn't much longer before the opportunity to grab a taxi would drift past, and at that point, saying goodbyes for a second time, Jaime said she'd pay for a taxi back to Southampton from London if we stayed.

I was speculative as to weather or not we'd find a suitable place to go out in Soho, with bars shutting right, left and centre at midnight, but I was convinced, and took Jaime up on her offer, which she didn’t renege after being told it could be in excess of $300 Aussie.

Well, that wouldn’t be the expensive part of the night. We ended up in a club called 24, after Paul's dress sense was scrutinized, and each had to pay 20 quid to get in, of which I forked over 60 to cover 3 peoples entry as there was no eftpos at the front door (cash business baby). The bar was pretty cool inside, and the 6 of us (Yoz had left after dinner) chilled, drank and danced the night away in style. Paul had looked to get a table and table service, but decided against after being told it was a 500 pound minimum.

Anyway, 3 am comes and the bar shuts. Jaime balls her eyes out as she is dragged into a taxi by Paul around 4 am, and Nat & I are standing there wondering what to do with ourselves. Not long after a taxi asks us if we're looking for a lift and we secure a lift back to Southampton for 115 pounds - a pretty good rate by all reports having spoken to local taxi drivers in Southampton later in the weekend... 150 seems to be closer to the going rate, at least for trips into London at that time of day.

Made it home (Nat & Cari's) at about 530 am, woke Cari up, and then managed somewhere near 3 hours sleep and was off to the Walkie for footy at 830 am, feeling worse for wear, and wishing I was still in bed where Nat, Jaime and Paul would all be for a few hours still, nursing their wounds.

Pretty good night, but best part of 300 pounds spent on it though...

And yes, we won footy, and whilst I wasn't best on ground, certainly played alright!