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Michael’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 24 Dec 2008

Location: Bristol, England

MapWhat a time to back fill you all in on the last month! I am sitting in an internet cafe, in Tangier, Morocco, on Xmas Eve (which is totally lost on everyone here) and writing on a keyboard that where QWERTY should be has AZERTY. So if there are typos, I blame the keyboard.

Bristol life didn't start easily. With no car and no internet (my computer hard drive was out of commission for a month and the house broadband wasn't working either) it is hard to get to know a place. Add into that the fact that it is dark when you get to and leave work, and it doesn't make it any easier.

The place I am in is nice enough. The kitchen is a little small (or maybe just crowded with so much stuff in there) but my room is massive and has an en suite in there which is very nice indeed. No waiting for showers... The area isn't the best, but without a car, and not much time on my hands, it was hard to get a feel for where I wanted to live. It is only a 6 month lease, so I can always move before summer next year.

I hadn't been out a lot in Bristol, but I did go see The Roots who were playing there the week I moved in. Not a bad show, and ?estlove is great live on the drums. Also went to a crazy club last Friday called Motion and is in an abandoned warehouse that has been converted into a skate park during the day. Not really my music (grimey dub-step, whatever that is) but was a great night anyway. Cool crowd and good vibe. Also, much less toxic than the previous weekend at Fez Club in Putney with Spen, Andy, Shanksy and Katrina... that one hurt.

OK, that sums up everything till now... I had written for another 40 minutes explaining the joys in getting to Morocco, but one wrong button push on this foreign keyboard and it seems to have disappeared; guess it is a sign to go have some dinner and see if I can find my way back to my hostel... I have no idea where I am right now!

Anyway, stay tuned for the Moroccan adventure in vivid detail over the next 13 days...

Merry Christmas all!