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Michael’s Travel Diary

Monday, 17 Aug 2009

Location: Southampton, UK

MapLast weekend Charlie and I celebrated her birthday by heading to Southampton for the wedding of Tom & Jenna Donald on the Saturday avo. I had been house sharing with Tom when I first moved to Southampton, and travelled to Prague with him for a long weekend back in early 2007.

Anyway, I booked a room at the Southampton Hilton, as that is where the wedding was taking place, and it made sense to stay there as it was a little way out of town and away from any other hotels. And of course, it was Charlie’s birthday, so we couldn’t stay in a flea pit!

When we arrived we were checked into a suite, which of course Charlie thought I had upgraded as a lovely birthday gesture; unfortunately I had not, fortunately I didn’t lie and say I had! We were making the most of the suite, sipping on the champagne we had brought along and eating away on the strawberries, slowly getting ready for the evening. We also ordered some room service to tide us over… it just happened to arrive just after Charlie got out of the shower and walked into the main room from the bedroom giving the room service guy a bit more of an eyeful than he expected.

Aside from Tom and Jenna, the only people I knew who would be at the wedding were Stef and Dan, and Charlie knew no-one, so we weren’t in too much of a hurry to head down. When the room was commandeered by the hotel staff for reconfiguration from the meal to the evening reception, Stef and Dan decided to head up to the suite to join us as they had no where else to go. After not too long there was a knock at the door and the hotel manager was standing there. It turned out that we HAD been given the wrong room, and had only booked a standard and not the suite. More so, it seemed that we were in the bride’s parent’s room, and Jenna’s mum was down in the reception fuming that she couldn’t get into her room to refresh!

So, whilst being relocated, Charlie managed to get a complimentary breakfast thrown in with our stay – which we had in bed the following morning. The manager also recognized that we were drinking Champagne (albeit a 15 pound bottle from Tesco) and offered another bottle complimentary, this time HG Mumm! So the four us relocated rooms, and sipped the more expensive Champagne before heading down to the wedding reception.

It was a great night, with plenty of drinking by the four of us, and everyone else – the Donald clan were Scottish after all, as were Jenna’s family come to think of it! We also tried to strut our moves on the dance floor in a less than convincing manner. After the end of the reception, things turned a little “Hangover”-esque, with us all returning to the hotel room with our drinks while Stef and Dan waited for a cab. After that everyone is very hazy, until we Charlie and I were woken up by the room service breakfast delivery, sleeping partially clothed on top of the bed covers, with the lights all on. Yet we managed to hang up our suit & dress before passing out. In any case, it was a strange site, and our heads were pounding away. Needless to say it was a rather slow drive back to Bristol on the Sunday, and I had to do the driving while Charlie nursed herself in the passenger seat back to the land of the living!