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Michael’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 28 Aug 2008

Location: Southampton, England

MapLast night I headed across the water Southampton, and saw REM play at the Rosebowl. It my first trip inside the Rosebowl, a cricket ground that has been granted test status in time for the 2012 ashes. Compared to the MCG, it is nothing but pitiful, but hey, it is an oval with seats around it, so I guess you can play cricket there! The tickets were general admission, allowing you to take up a seat, or venture onto the turf and watch the show from there. As seems to be the case with every American act touring at the moment, there was the usual political crap about how we hate Bush, and I am sick of it. Sure he ain’t the brightest spark, but it isn’t just him, he has a team full of idiots telling him what to do. I’ve ruled out becoming a politician, there is no love in it at all. Admittedly, REM did use the word ‘administration’ when saying “we despise the current…”, which is more than say Pink would use. However, if he gets voted in – FOR A SECOND TIME – who do you really have to blame?

Aside from the political bitching, it really was quite a good show. Again, like a number of concerts lately, it’s not something that I would regularly attend, as it is far from what you would call my typical music enjoyment, but as it was generally a ‘greatest hits’ type of show, most of the songs were rather familiar having heard them so often on the radio over the years.