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Michael’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 24 Sep 2008

Location: IoW and Southampton, England

MapThis weekend was the final weekend of the Isle of Wight cycling festival. As such, with my new bike, I decided to head out and try and complete the entire round the island ride, a total of 80 miles. Expecting to plug the headphones in and push off solo, my housemate said that he and a bunch of his workmates were doing it and I should join them. Great idea, until we realized how long it would take. I am not the fastest, in fact Yohann my house mate could kick my ass any day of the week, but I’m certainly moving quicker than a bunch of the people on the mountain bikes and the tandem.

In the end we stopped and waited so many times for the rest to catch up that we decided only to do the short route and completed the 50 mile ride instead. That meant that I had to give it another shot, a month later, when I did ride solo. This time I made it about 60 miles around, and my third puncture stopped my dead in my tracks. I managed to get enough air in the tire, with a patch, to ride another 5 or so miles towards home before getting picked up. Time for new bike tires, and looks like the round the island ride will go begging.

Last night Nat and I headed to Southampton Guild Hall to see One Republik play. Was a pretty good show, and despite not knowing their album too well, there were enough popular tracks in there that I was able to enjoy the show. Admittedly we did leave before the last song ended so that I could get the ferry back to the island. Thankfully, that won’t be happening all that much longer, more on the reasons for that soon!