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Michael’s Travel Diary

Monday, 29 Sep 2008

Location: Southampton, England

MapLast weekend was host to a number of big events. On the Friday night, the Southampton Titans held their end of season presentation dinner. It was a little bit smaller than we had hoped, with a number of players already having returned to Oz, but particularly, the departure of Dash and Clarky the previous weekend after Dash’s dad passed away unexpectedly put a dampener on the evening. And of course the fact that Dash and Clarky ended up finishing 2nd and 3rd in the voting respectively was a bit unfortunate when they weren’t there. Laz won the voting, taking a 2 vote lead into the Grand Final, where he kicked 11 goals to take not only the league and GF B&F, but also get the votes to take the club B&F, and surpass Toddy for the club goal kicking leader. So, plenty of medals for Laz to take home…

Friday night also saw Spen arrive from his 10 week mission through south-east Asia. He was introduced to my Walkabout way of life pretty quickly, coming along to the presentation evening, and then coming back to party at the Walkie with us. Of course, having landed in England just a few hours earlier, he didn’t really have anywhere else to be. We partied till close, and kept going through the night (though Spen did suffer a bit of jet-lag and had an hour long kip at one point), before heading back into the pub from the staff common room in time to watch the start of the AFL. Of course I had over catered beer wise, but most of the half time food that was cooked up got eaten. All in all, it was a good morning, good night and a good start to the weekend. Around 11 am, Spend and I made our way down to the ferry and by midday we were in bed after a VERY long Friday night. Needless to say, the Saturday night was a bit quieter, but we still ended up down in the pub in Cowes for a few drinks, showing Spen the local wildlife.