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Michael’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 12 Oct 2008

Location: Portsmouth / IoW, England

MapOn Saturday 4th October, Yohann & I hosted the “Where the F&ck was Summer Party”, following on from the success of “Thank F&ck It’s Summer Party” back in January 2006. In true English style, is absolutely pissed down on the night, making cooking a BBQ almost impossible. Also, the nice metal drum we obtained for the fire was only really visited by die hard fire lovers and the smokers. In any case, the house was full of people, the music played till 4 or 5, and once again, we over catered beer wise. In fact, there is still some left even now! Again, in true English weather style, after the deluge, and gale force winds, on the night of the party, there wasn’t a drop of rain for a full 9 days afterwards – possibly and English record!

On Friday night I headed out to Portsmouth for dinner with Pete and Carolyn for Stroudy’s birthday. In the end, we never made it to dinner, instead stumbling from one bar to another, and the casino for a while, before word passed around the clubs and pubs that Stroudy was in no state to be served on his birthday, and by 1030 pm I was making my way back to the Isle of Wight. Of course that involved getting to the ferry, a ferry ride, then a couple of bus rides, so it felt like forever, and was the best part of 0130 by the time I did get home. And given I hadn’t eaten in the evening, and plenty of down time waiting for public transport, I found myself snacking on whatever junk food was nearby – kebabs, cheesy chips, KFC… disgusting… A quiet Saturday was had with the intention of completing the round the island ride today. It was a great day for a bike ride, and damn challenging ride at that, but 60 miles was as far as I made it before all tires I brought along with me (3) had punctured and I gave it away.