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Michael’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 25 Oct 2008

Location: Southampton, England

MapOn Monday (20th) I went out for dinner with Nat and Cari the day before they moved to their new place next to Farnborough. We ended up in Rancho’s, a new steakhouse just down the road from the Walkie, and next to Zen, the only Jap restaurant in Southampton, and I can finally say that I have had a really good steak in England! Took long enough! From there, things got messy though.

As I was walking Nat and Cari back to their car, Laz, Shags, Britz et al. were leaving the Walkabout to head out to Kelly’s Bar for a drink (or 10). It was Laz, Shags and Britz’s last Monday in Southampton, and Monday night is Kelly’s night. I refused to go, citing a ferry to catch, but did concede to go to Bar Risa for one, as it was a short walk from there to the ferry, and not a taxi ride. Of course, a couple beers, a good crowd, and the changing of the ferrys to the winter timetable (where the last midweek ferry is 2245 instead of 2345) resulted in me missing the last ferry and going to Kelly’s anyway. Long night, and an early start to get to work. My resolve to leave the island at this point was quickly getting stronger… older, better, faster, stronger…

I spent the week trying to recover, before heading to Southampton again last night for Laz, Shags and Britz official leaving do. A nice BBQ (cooked inside as the BBQ was out of gas) and again a great crowd of people. Of course, given we stayed at the Walkie all night, it was relatively cheap, and everyone headed up to the common room after the pub shut and partied on till the early hours of the morning. Many of them hadn’t stopped partying since the Monday night session at Kelly’s by the looks of it.