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Michael’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 03 Dec 2008

Location: Cardiff, Wales

MapNovember saw me resign from GKN after I wasn't going to be able to earn the money required to extend my visa in 2009 if I continued working at the same wage. I had applied for 2 jobs, had 2 interviews, 2 offers, and made my decision. Of course as I made my decision, GKN offered a pay rise (before I resigned) which threw a spanner into my plans. I stuck to my guns, keen to get off the Isle of Wight and looking forward to heading to Bristol. Then GKN offered a role on a new project we had in Bristol, so I decided to stick with the “better the devil you know” scenario and stayed with them. Eventually I moved there Friday of last weekend.

On the Saturday, Spen and I headed to Cardiff, thus putting me in Wales for the first time ever, to see Aus vs. Wales in the rugby. Millennium Dome in Cardiff was full to the brim, 86000 fans, and the crowd was ecstatic when Wales held on for the win. Spen and I were catching 4 am busses out of Cardiff, and the game was over by 430 pm... we needed to pace ourselves. The Welsh people were really friendly, and lightly jibing me with my Aussie top on, but always in a jovial way. It was a great night out, but we were both stoked when our busses finally arrived!