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Michael’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 18 Jan 2009

Location: Southampton, England

MapThe start of the year was BLOODY freezing in Bristol. It was below zero when I landed after the Morocco trip, and it stayed almost as cold for a long time.

The football club is moving forward, and we held the AGM last Saturday. At that point I officially stepped away as the coach of the club, and have taken the board role of Secretary and League Liaison for the club, and stepped away from the President position. Admittedly, I was already doing the above two roles, so have stepped away from things despite still having the title. The club has been getting 10 or so at pre-season training, which this early in the year is much better than the last couple seasons. Plus the league is set for some big things, including a national tournament in Newcastle, as well as a game between the Southern Division representative team (at the half way point of the season) and the Australian Royal Navy team that I am trying to set up. So it seems more like I am a travel coordinator/team manager at the moment, rather than Coach!