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Michael’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 05 Feb 2009

Location: Bristol, England

MapJanuary went buy, not getting much warmer, and then eventually the really cold snap came at the start of February. As many will have seen on the news, parts of England came to a stand still as the snow dumped in. London totally stopped. Bristol, whilst it didn’t come to a stand still, certainly had its fair share of snow. The majority of the snow seemed to dump through on Superbowl Sunday night, and as I woke up Monday morning (after falling asleep at 3 quarter time of the big game around 2 am) there was a layer of white everywhere – not great cycling conditions.

It lasted for more than a week, and thankfully, there was only one bike mishap. Not a day that I was riding with snow falling into my eyes, or the more painful and dangerous ice falling into my eyes, but after the snow had settled, and the big freeze came in. Lows of -8 degrees overnight created a nice icy cover over the roads, and eventually I came a cropper. Thankfully, I managed to fall from the road onto the footpath and slid on my back for about 15 meters, copping some very bemused looks and a couple offers of help. Worst part was the fact I was only 2 minutes from work, and now soaking wet!