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Michael’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 25 Feb 2009

Location: Bristol, England

MapNot a lot to report of late, other than most of my time has been spent dealing with the football club. I had intended to take a massive step back when I moved to Bristol, and pass the duties onto someone else, but I have somehow ended up spending more time than last year on the club. The season hasn’t started, but preparations are well under way, especially for the pre-season Titanic Cup that the club is hosting again. For all the club news, and to see what else has been taking up so much of my time, please go to:

I will write more about the club in future posts here, but the majority of the club info, including game results etc, can be found on the above link. But the pre-season was long, and full of background work in terms of securing a new ground, and (trying to) hand off work load to other people. And of course trying to get the website up and running in 2009.

February has pretty much come and gone, with nothing significant happening, aside from a new guy, Alan, moving into the house fresh of 18 months travelling round NZ and Oz. He’s English and is from Nottingham, good bloke.

The only other notable side tracks to the norm would be the three day training course that I did for work on a new software package that Airbus is using. It was nice to get out into the city of Bristol for work, rather than up the hill in Filton, 5 miles away. Most notable part of the course though was the lunches we had each day in different Bristol restaurants! And the drinking session we went out for on the 2nd night of the course, along with all of the Isle of Wight lads. There were a few sore heads on the 3rd morning!