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Michael’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Location: National Cup, Newcastle, England

MapLast weekend, the Southampton Titans football team headed north to Newcastle for the first annual ARUK National Cup. Rather than head to Southampton, I caught a flight direct from Bristol and met the rest of the team at the hotel – about as dodgy as they get! The Metro Inns didn’t have a toilet or shower in the room, only a sink, a double bed and a single bunk. But at £25 per night, couldn’t expect much more. Made for a messy crush when everyone headed for the auto-wash toilet and showers each morning! More so though, it was a very sociable hall-way, with people milling out front of the rooms at all hours of the morning.

Taking the competition seriously, the majority of the team headed into town for a night of bonding before the tournament and found ourselves drinking till the wee hours of the morning. At around 2 am, the team packed up and headed back to the hotel to get a solid 5 hours sleep for the big tournament. Despite the lack of sleep, and a bit of a hang-over, the Titans lads played brilliantly and managed to take out the tournament! If you want to read more about that, read the titans website on

Of course, after the massive tournament win, the boys headed out for a massive night on the town. Unfortunately, being old man Krischunas that I am, the long day of football, in the cold wet conditions, as well as a few beers, and I was ready for bed nice and early. Grabbing Subway and a cab back to the hotel, Spen and I called it quits some time around midnight.

The following morning, the guys who weren’t flying out first thing in the morning, took the premiership cup for a bit of a tour around Newcastle – taking it across the bridges over the River Tyne, past St. James football stadium, and along the water side where the Concert Venue is. Late in the afternoon, after everyone else had made their way home, I jumped on a flight and came back to Bristol, feeling more worn out than I had in a long while!