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Michael’s Travel Diary

Monday, 29 Jun 2009

Location: Portsmouth, England

MapYesterday the Titans had the match off, but I had arranged for an 18 a-side match against the Australian Navy who had two boats in the Portsmouth Harbor and were keen for a game. It was a massive hassle trying to get the game off the ground, but it all fell into place at the last minute and we managed to grapple 20 guys together for the game. And given that it was one of the nicest days of the summer, we needed to ensure that we had players in the bench. Despite worrying that we would get blown out of the water by this team of fit Aussie armed forces guys. In the end we stuck close to them all day and clawed back in the last quarter to finish about 3 goals down on a great day. The after match function at the Hilton in Pompey was great with everyone having a few drinks and a laugh, and the hotel making more money on a Sunday afternoon than ever before. Was a great day in the end, and was worth the hassle!