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Michael’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 14 Jul 2009

Location: The Ashes, Cardiff, Wales

MapArriving back from Italy on a Wednesday, I was afforded the luxury of a two day week – always a great thing! This weekend the Titans played a home game, and Andy and Jacqui came back to Bristol after the game. Unfortunately, Andy managed to cop a great shop in the eye and we spent the evening driving around Bristol from hospital to hospital trying to get some work done on his eye. As it turned out, he needed to attend a third hospital on the Sunday morning to get it looked at by a specialist. That meant the Saturday night was very quiet, and things got worse on the Sunday.

Sunday was day 5 of the first Ashes Test match between Australia and England held in Cardiff and we all (me, Andy, Jacqui) had tickets, and planned to make the short trip from Bristol to Cardiff. With Andy waiting for surgery, he told me to head off to the cricket match and he and Jacqui would catch up. Already running late with the Bristol Eye Surgery detour, I was then held up another hour or so when the train coming into Bristol train station arrived an hour late. All the while the Aussie bowlers were taking wickets and the game threatened to be finished before I could get there. I ended up arriving at lunch, missing the first 2 hours of play and eventually made it into the ground. Shanksy and the other guys we were meeting had already gone through the battle to pick up the tickets and met me outside the ground before we headed in. It was a beautiful day, great for cricket but the Aussies just couldn’t bowl out the end of the English batting line-up, and the game concluded as a draw. Five days of cricket for a draw – quickly I started to remember why I disliked the game.

On the ride back to Bristol on the train, the jubilation amongst the English fans for a draw was celebrated with the fervour of a victory. As it was, the days play of cricket could be seen as the catalyst for what would eventually become an English series win, one that wouldn’t have occurred were it not for a couple extra Aussie wickets on the Sunday in Cardiff.