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Michael’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 21 Jul 2009

Location: T4 On The Beach, WSM, England

MapOn Saturday, the Titans played the final regular season match against the lowly Portsmouth Pirates and dug deep for a cracking 9 point win securing a semi-final spot. Again, see the club website for details of the match, but alas, it would prove to lead to the lowest point of the clubs 3 year history with the team having to forfeit the subsequent semi-final due to lack of numbers. A most disappointing day indeed.

On Sunday, Charlotte and I headed to Weston-Super-Mare for the outdoor one-day festival T4 on the Beach, and as the name suggests, the main stage is on the beach, and the beach goers line the beach dancing and drinking away. I had bought the tickets months ago when the first went on sale, not knowing the line-up, or the weather, and neither were that impressive! The weather was atrocious. There were patches of blue sky, and periods where the Sun actually showed itself, but for the most part it rained down on the beach, with a wind whipping through throwing sand and salt water onto the crowd. Not at all pleasant. The line-up was marginally better with the line-up featuring a very commercial group of performers. Thankfully, that meant the crowd was also very young and we could see well above the shorter crowd and the queues for beer were pretty short! Admittedly, I was rather relieved when the last act finished at 6 pm and we were able to leave and head home trying to get and dry again – and given it is only a 45 minute train ride away it wasn’t too long a wait.