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Michael’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 02 Aug 2009

Location: Tiesto in London & ARUK GF, England

MapOn Friday I headed into London to catch up with Spencer and headed to Victoria Park in London’s east to see Tiesto perform live. What a night! First on board was Australian electronic artists Sneaky Sounds System, and then Calvin Harris came along for another great live performance and eventually Tiesto took over at about 730 pm, playing all the way through dusk till 11 pm. A great night and a great appreciation of Tiesto’s live performance was born.

On Saturday, feeling very much worse for ware, I headed down to Portsmouth to watch the ARUK Southern Division Grand Final being played between Chippenham and the Bournemouth Demons who had a walk-over due to the Titans forfeit the previous weekend. Unfortunately the weather was typically English horrible, in direct contrast to Friday night at Victoria Park. Thankfully, it was a cracking game, with the Red Backs getting over the line in the end – finally a close Grand Final in our league.