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Michael’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 01 Sep 2009

Location: London, England

MapThe August long weekend, as happens every year, is Notting Hill Carnival weekend. Charlotte and I headed into London for the weekend and tried to make the most of it. We stayed at her friend Sarah’s house – a NZ diplomat with a 3-bed house in London paid for by the NZ tax payers! Lovely house, up in Swiss Cottage, a lovely area of London.

It was a weekend of brunches, and we wandered around Camden and the markets, where I dragged Charlotte past the first bar that we ever danced at. She didn’t recognize it. Admittedly, it was the last bar of the night by the time I started twirling her, we’d had a few drinks by the time we got there, and it looked much different during the day, so I was able to forgive her!
Sunday night we headed to see the Lion King at the West End theatres. What a spectacular show. A nice dinner before hand, and once again, a spectacular show.

On the Monday we headed out for a day at the Carnival. Every time I visit, it is a fantastic event. I cannot give it enough positive comments – get there if you can. We caught up with Matt Clark, and Andy Scales over the course of the day, along with the requisite cans of average beer, not particularly cold, purchased from a man in his front yard selling from an eskie! Then we starter the long trip back to Bristol in the late afternoon.