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Michael’s Travel Diary

Friday, 18 Sep 2009

Location: Ibiza, Spain

MapLast weekend Richie, Diana, Stef and I headed to Ibiza – the land of some serious partying. We arrived very late on the Friday night, and whilst considering heading out, we only had a couple drinks and a bite to eat – so the weekend didn’t really start until the Saturday.

We were staying right on the beach, on a reasonably main drag with bars and restaurants, and not far from some of the biggest clubs in Ibiza. Oh, and right under the flight path of the jets, as the came over the beach and landed not far behind the hotel – a bit of an experience watching those big planes come in; and come in regularly.

The Saturday we had a few drinks in the avo at the Bora Bora beach bar. What a place! A beach front day time night club. And the people loved it – just drinking up the booze, and dancing on the beach and the tables on the beach. Phenomenal. It was that night that we considered heading out, but after a few pre-drinks (it is pricy) we lost the will to head out. Bummer.

The Sunday we headed into the old town to have a look around and do a bit more than just beach and booze. Once back at the beach in the early avo, we had a monster seafood paella for lunch. What a great meal! Finally, Sunday night, the last night Richie and Diana were there, we headed off to Space Nightclub for their We Love Space Sundays session. What a nightclub – not like anything you see in Australia. Massive. Crazy sound systems. And $7 per bottle of beer – a 330ml bottle. What a joke! But we danced away for hours, having a ball.

The next day, when we eventually got up, we headed back to the beach as per usual! That evening we had dinner, and drinks in the room, before Richie and Diana headed off to the airport for their flight back to England. Eventually, Stef and I headed to Privilege nightclub to see the Tiesto Monday night house set. What a f--king show! The nightclub was a converted aircraft hanger, about 5 stories high and an open space. There was a massive pond in the middle of the club, with a bridge over it, a dance floor on top of it, and an incredible sound system. What’s more, with the tropical storm that was hitting town that night, the place had what appeared to be a waterfall coming from the roof! Ha, it was incredible.

Tiesto finally came on stage at about 1am. I was feeling a little crook, so took to the beers slowly and eventually got into the swing of things. The rain kept falling, the tunes were pumping, and the crowd was loving it. Don’t get me wrong, it was $70 odd to get into the night club, but it was worth every cent. Tiesto fired up at around 1 am, and kept going and going. The light show was huge, with the entire back wall decked out in a 5 story video screen. We eventually left the club around 530am, only for the fact that we needed to get back to the hotel to pick our bags up and head to the airport. Tiesto was still playing when we left, and by all reports, he played a full 6 hours, until 7 am. What a crazy night, and what a great trip. Well, well worth it. Only down side, not having Charlie Bull there with us.