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caty’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 02 Oct 2005

Location: Iquitos, Peru

MapThis boat was a huge step down from the first one. It was what I´d read about in the guide books, bottom 2 decks crammed with people, children & chickens everwhere, horrible toilets.....etc. We went to the top deck which had black taurpaulin roof & orange bache sides which were let down when it rained. We had a great thunderstorm on Sunday and it lashed. One of the Danish girls got really sick so we decided to to eat any of the food just in case so survived on rich tea biscuits & water. Wasn´t too hungry anyway cos of the heat. The peruvian Amazon was more interesting. We kept closer to the shore and the villages were more interesting and there were more of them- open structures made of tree branches and thatched roofs - circular and rectangular. We made loads of stops and women & little girls came on board to sell fruit and drinks. We got good news on teh Sunday - the boat would arrive in Iquitos at 5pm on Monday - less that 2 days. What a relief. We were so glad to get off the boat as we never felt our luggage was safe. The port was another experience. Boys swarmed the boat when we arrived ofering to carry ou luggage. We´d been warned not to let it out of our sight so declined but one of the girls saw the kids stealing a wallet from someone else. We had to climb a really steep timber ramp (building regs - what´s that??) and when we got to the top moto-taxis were waiting to take us to the hostel. These are motorbikes with a 2 seater canopy the back and they fly up & down the streets here. i felt like I was in Shanghai in a rickshaw. Hostel was a dump - no water in the showers. We stayed last night cos too tired to check for somewhere else but moved this morning to a lovely place - same price - 3 euros a night.