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caty’s Travel Diary

Monday, 03 Oct 2005

Location: Iquitos, Peru

MapMost peple come to Iquitos for Jungle trips but as I´d only 1 day here I didn´t do one. Can´t cope with the heat either. Will have to come back sometime in the winter when it´s cooler. Saw Eiffel´s steel house on the Main Plaza - rubber baron shipped it here from Paris. Found an internet cafe last night and got wierd stares when I cheered to discover Tyrone had won the All-Ireland (sorry that should be to hear Down beat Mayo in the minor match.....). Today I brought my clothes to the laundry - ahh so nice to have clean clothes again. And I discovered Mad Mick´s trading post and got 2 John Grishams i hadn´t read and a Jules Verne (L-Ile Mysteriouse?) in french so they should keep me in reading for a while- few long bus journeys ahead. Was so happy I skipped down the street. Yes got a few stares at the mad gringa.

So that´s about it so far. Hope you´re all well. Let me know how you all are. Talk to you all in Lima or somewhere further south.