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caty’s Travel Diary

Monday, 10 Oct 2005

Location: Nasca, Peru

MapArrived in Nasca and booked by flight over lines before doing anything else. Once again there´s nothing else to do in Nasca so you don´t want to have to spend a second night here. A bit of a lie in this time - tour starts at 7.30am! No flights in the afternoons as the winds are bad.

Next morning (Monday, I think) 5 of us we were picked up at the hotel and taken out to the airport. The plane was a tiny 6 seater and the seats were actually sitting on the floor of it. Being small I was put in the back, with the largest guy getting the seat beside the pilot. The flight was really good - smooth take off and landing and good views of the lines. They wouldn´t give us breakfast in the hotel before the flight because the airplane banks left and right quite steeply so that everyone can see the lines. I was fine, snapping away quite happily but one of the others was sick, so I suppose the hotel was right.

Once back in Nasca, there was not much to do except wait for the bus at 11pm. Found a hostel with a garden and a pool and spend the day there reading. There was a french family there - parents and 2 girls about 6 & 10, originally from St. Malo but thye´ve been living on a boat in Martinique for the last 3 years. They decided to spend a month in Peru and each of them has a tiny schoolbag backpack (15 litres max) and that´s all the luggage they have. And I though I was travelling light!!

Then it was the night bus to Arequipa, an experience in itself, when you wake up at 3am as the bus goes around a series of hairpin bends and you can´t see anything.