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Big Sis’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 04 May 2006

Location: New Zealand

MapSo New Zealand almost had a tsunami!!! Seriously! Tonga had a massive 8-on-the-richtor-scale earthquake, and there was a tsunami warning out to the entire South Pacific, NZ included! About an hour later they cancelled it coz it seems all was safe. FOR NOW.... No really, I'm serious! I reckon we'd be sweet at our place, up on a giant hill away from everywhere. It would really annoy me if I was crossing the causeway on the Nor Western Motorway when the tsunami hit. Forget dread, or being scared, or rising panic, I'd be like: "no, listen mate, this is ridiculous, dont you think the traffic is bad enough along here? if you come now it will be 1000 times worse and I just cannot be late for work today! i mean, GEEZ!"

I jest. I'd be shitting my pants! And since 'Nothing Almost Happened' (a good way to describe I think!), I will continue. THE NZ RADIO AWARDS was on Saturday night, and it took up my entire weekend, starting from Friday when I got home from work...

I had a long bath, washed my hair, filed and buffed my nails, attempted to paint them (6 times, none were any good so I went with a-la-naturale buffed and shiny nails). Next morning spent an hour straightening my hair, went to PJ's (mate from work) and we got prettied up at 3pm - got into Skycity at 4pm to knock back a few wines before the ceremony started at 5. Wicked wicked night, caught up with so many people I never get to see or spend time with :) We went to a few bars, feet killing us in heels, ended up scoffing BK on Queen St at 4am, the only ones there in ball dresses (we're classy chicks ya know!). Got to bed at about 5am (stayed at PJ's). Didnt sleep much tho, oh no! Had about 10 texts and 2 phonecalls between 5 and 11 so ended up dozing. Spent the next several hours hung over on PJ's couch. But give us some credit here - we moved her fridge hungover, down stairs and everything! Chicks can do anything! Eventually drove home when I thought I was safe, and crashed at about 7pm!!! Slept through til Monday morning, when I thought to myself, where has the weekend gone????

Anyway that's about all from me at the moment. Will attempt to upload a photo from the awards (me and 3 girls from Static) but dont hold you're breath......

Love ya lots,
From me xx