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Big Sis’s Travel Diary

Friday, 19 May 2006

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

MapSo living out west ROCKS! Well, thats what I try to tell my workmates who cant comprehend why I handle it... One time in particular a workmate called me crazy for living where I do. This is why (insert dreamy music here...)
We had a powercut one night. I asked my workmate to tape Desperate Housewives and Greys Anatomy for me. Now this powercut, to be fair, in the history of powercuts at the Eley household, doesnt even register a 3 on the richtor scale. It went off about 645pm (luckily I already had dinner on the table) and came back on about maybe 8 or 815pm. So not bad, right?
Plus it was an excellent time for Mr Eley to test the raved-about generator, and honestly it was pretty good - we plugged in a light so we could finish eating dinner, we had the tv going for a wee while, the fire of course was pretty handy, and the sound of the generator was pretty much drowned out by the rain etc. So not a bad powercut really. (Mum, Rangi & I played Cluedo! So fun)
Next morning, power still on fine as normal thank goodness, Rangi and I left the house at abuot 615, and while driving past Whenuapai turnoff we heard on the radio a traffic report, stating a car had overturned on the causeway and was blocking two of the three lanes!
We should have turned back home and not gone to work!! It took me until 8am to get to work - having left home not long after 6!!!!!
So its understandable why they dont get the whole living-in-the-wopps thing! :)