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Big Sis’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 31 Aug 2006

Location: New Zealand

MapK so you know how my hair was getting REAL long? Maybe? Well anyway I was desperate for a trim so decided to go to the cheap trimming place in Westgate, as you do, and asked for an inch or maybe an inch and a half off. Well, as all great hairdressers do, they listen, then ingnore, and proceed to cut. Well, maybe mine did listen but misheard and thought "one inch plus one and a half inches equals seven!"
Long story short, I have shoulder length hair again, which I havent had in about 4 years! Its maybe an inch or two under my chin. Which means in normal Loren circumstances, curly as hell and puffing out as boofy as possible. So now, I have to straighten my hair and keep it dry for a few days after every wash, and it doesnt look too bad straight.. but twice a week?!
Im not used to that kind of maintenance!!
Will send you or post a pic when I get one... It really is quite short...
Much loves,