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Big Sis’s Travel Diary

Monday, 01 Jan 2007

Location: New Zealand

MapHiya! Long time no update. Now you're back in Canada I expect we wont get any updates on your site ...& you probly wont read this for ages either!

Xmas at Napier was great - heaps of kids, and an en-masse slaughter to unwrap all the pressies. Long hot summer days, with sleep ins and afternoon naps and late nights... doing not a hell of a lot in between, perfect!

Back in Auckland now, was onair this morning from 7-11am and panelled a live broadcast from 11am-2pm. Long day, but fun. We have Claud here for the week, and have lots planned - all the usual tourist stuff that we dont usually do - Im hoping to go to Kelly Tarltons, Rainbows End etc etc...


Happy New Year!!!
Love, Your Big Sis!!!!