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Big Sis’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 20 Oct 2005

Location: Work, Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand

MapWell this week has certainly been active! As it is a long weekend with Labour Weekend (so all audio on stations must be instructed and onsite by Friday for up to and including Tuesday) plus some regions having extra public holidays, like the Hawkes Bay with their Anniversary Day on Friday (no wonder Rangi lived in Napier growing up!) we have had mental stresses trying to re-organise companies to getting their stuff to us early. Not to mention I have had 2 x half days out of the office with workshops with the radio stations! It sure hasnt been easy but we only have one day to go then a 3-day weekend! YAY! Please let Friday go quickly and be painless

(I quite liken this situation to yours, Lil Sis, where you have a difficult time trying to find a flat in a new country where you know noone... or even the time when you had scary moments trying to pass by a street full of druggies in a foreign city... Except I think mine is a little more stressful. No, really, I do.)

Anyway I miss you Lil Sis and I hope you like the fact you can also now monitor MY travels here at home, while you travel the big unknown. Of course, it is more exciting to hear about who said what to whom and why, the usual goss, than all about a new country and stuff, so I'm sure you'll stay glued to this page!! ;-)

Love ya