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Big Sis’s Travel Diary

Friday, 25 Nov 2005

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

MapOne-more-sleep-to-go-Cha! One-more-sleep-to-go-Cha! Birthday birthday here I come. I honestly must be the only one who gets so excited about birthdays - everyone at work thinks I am crazy - or craving attention, which Im not really. I just seem to have a knack for making my birthday last a week - like last year when I was in Hamilton and you and Amanda came to stay, then I had something fun at work and then my actual birthday (and work gave me cake!).

THIS YEAR it has been planned beautifully. I have just woken up and its 11am (sooooo gooood!) after a massive all-day-drinking fest at the Xmas party (went to an italian winery in very south auckland in middle of nowhere, was soooooo amazing - perfect wedding venue you know?). And when I finish this Im going to get my hair cut and going (to the place you went before you left) for a massage and my eyelashes tinted. Tonight is a BBQ at Ma and Pa's with Rangi and Cat and David - that should be awesome, cant wait to meet them! Plus we're having icecream cake and everything (of course!). Then Saturday is the Grey Lynn festival in the park outside my HOUSE so I am finally going to go! Then that night, a special dinner with my friends at a really lovely restaurant I've always wanted to go to in Ponsonby, then catching up with all my other friends for drinks (and wherever the night takes us!) just down the road at a lovely bar. PAR-TAY!

I've always thought how cool it would be to have a surprise party, but I dont think it's ever gunna happen coz I plan my own stuff so well! =P

Anyway cant wait to talk to you tonight, Ma said you were gonna ring! I'm hanging out for a good goss session - and to brag about the icecream cake! Im sure you dont have them over there - or if you do you dont feel like it coz its not summer!!

Love you lots. Miss you TONNES - sometimes I get a bit sad when I hear Greenday Time of Your Life. I hope thats what you are doing - having the time of your life in Canada. I cant wait to see you again and travel the rest of the world!! Rangi and I are definately moving home, so I will take advantage of the cheap calls we can make to you and discuss some ideas about those travel plans...

Have a great week!!!!!!! Lotsa hugs and kisses, Your BIGGER Sis, (almost 23 even). LOZ

PS Rangi and I have officially been together for 3 years!! I bought a bottle of champagne and some yummy chocs and wrapped it all in gold and had the first ever photo of us (from our first Christmas - the one of him offering me potatoes, smiling) on the top. I took a photo to show you it (looked real cool) so I will post as soon as we do a download. Speaking of photos we still havent got yours.