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Big Sis’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 26 Jan 2006

Location: WORK, Auckland,, New Zealand

MapWell nothing much is new... I still watch Shortland St at 7pm weeknights when I can... Bad Girls has started up a new season - with Fenner locked in jail!! That should be interesting. Dad and the girls at work have got me keeping an eye on Coro St at the moment too, with murders and affairs and family issues. Quite good actually. Oh and good TV is soon to start - - Desperate Housewives and Lost and The OC hopefully (sad I know!) so that will be exciting...

Ed told me he broke up with his girlfriend (the one who came to your leaving party) and two days later got back together with her coz he missed her!! He's so funny, says regardless of how old he gets he always seems to go out with the 18-y-o'ish girls!! He does need to explore the field some more - and not the staff at local cafes, of course they're going to be young!

Rangi and I went tenpin bowling with Derek at Westgate the other day - the place is not in the same condition it used to be!! The lanes are run down and balls pretty crap etc... but we played a new game, rather than trying to score as many points as pos, its was called Bingo Bowling. Over 2 games you had to get each of the boxes crossed off on your card (all electronic and randomly selected) with your first bowl of each turn! So my first game had 6 strikes of the 9-piece bingo card! It was impossible! Rangi was hilarious though, he'd try and get a four or a six and get consistent strikes when he didnt need them!!! Oh, poor winner! Actually on the second game we played (yes that meant 4 x games of bowling!) he did cross off his bingo card and got to spin the wheel - and won a free game. Of course, he gloats about he was the only one who got to spin it, but then Rangi wouldnt be Rangi without behaviour of that kind!

Have started walking again with mum and kerriann and craig when hes there. Two mornings so far, and I can definately feel my muscles! Having not done much exercise in, oh I dont know, 2 months!, I am enjoying feeling my butt and thighs and even my shin muscles... Probably not as much as I would do if I went snowboarding but there ya go!

I have saved almost $3,000!! Are you proud of me? Talked with Cheryl last night, was sooo good to chat, havent really seen or heard much of eachother since we moved really. Miss her a lot. She's back in Chch. She's gunna look at my account and see whether I can make any more interest off it in another way, so I'm keeping my eyes and ears open. Moneymoneymoney! Megan here I come! ;) Rangi I hope has started to save, you may have to kick him up the bum and get him moving next time you call :)
Anyway better go and do some work! Hey, at least I update the site for ya, so you cant complain too much! ;)

Love ya lots, miss you heaps, see you soon (well, actually not for ages, but saying soon makes it feel closer!)
Your Big Sis
LOZ ;-)