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Zoetza’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 14 Mar 2006

Location: Aberdeen, UK

MapWell folks, you heard it right, I am coming home in under 3 weeks now. I officially gave my notice to my job today. I felt horrible doing it. Why would I feel horrible leaving a job that I despise you may ask? Well the people I work with are just too damn nice. Eventually everyone dealt with the shock of my abrupt leaving situation (honestly, they were shocked...???...) And I felt horribly guilty leading up to the official resignation part, but what is done is done, and the whole concept of returning home is starting to feel more and more real (and yet scary at the same time...... someone didn't come to any conclusions about their life on their travels...) and that someone might be me. Anyways, sorry that the update on Ireland hasn't happened - working all day with sausage rolls and cornish pasty's turns my brain into mince and i'm lucky if I can even find my way home at the end of the day. Well, maybe I'm being a bit dramatic, but let's be honest, it has been awhile since I've done a full blown rambling tangent about life in Scotland, of life in general on this page, so I feel I can continue.... The weather here has been disgusting. That's right, I said disgusting. It has been rainy, and cold, and blowing, and did I mention cold? I thought that living by the Black Sea would be great, as I had missed the beauty of the Pacific Ocean since I left Victoria..... Ha ahahahahaahahahaaahahahah the black sea is it's own little torture device - with gusting winds of incredible speed, freezing temperatures, and fish house goodies that are deposited into the water, and then redistributed through the area by way of wind. Which results in a town that smells like rotting fish much of the time. Oh Aberdeen, how I will miss you when I am gone..... (well at least I will have some good stories to regail you with upon my return). Hope you enjoyed the Ireland pictures - i think the captions under the pictures might be my update for that particular country... sorry... i'm slacking, I know.
Anyways cheers for now -
much love