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Zoetza’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 25 Oct 2005

Location: Peterborough, Canada

So I have had a few comments about this travel page having little to no information about my trip, other than a Map with no specific landing locations. The map doesn't really leave any information, other than the fact I might be travelling to Europe.
Well, in less than 7 days I will be on the plane to London England. How exciting.... From there I will meet up with Jenna who is flying in from Victoria (BC) and we're going to find our way from the Heathrow airport around London for a few days.
On the 5th - (that's right I am date specific) we're going to meet up with Jetson (flying in from New York,) and likely head straight to France, probably Paris. Oh la la (that is about as far as my french is going to take me, which might be not only problematic, but also rediculous....(Why is it that the British Columbia school system would allow their students to skip out on french to learn spanish? I'm paying for that one now, that's for darn sure)
Hopefully my travelling folks will help me through with their knowledge of the French language). Now, at some point, and I have no idea about these dates, we are going to make our way around France, head to Italy (hello Venice!) and then through to Greece all on our glorious rail passes. However, you might be happy or concerned to know that our Rail pass does not cover a luxurious trip to Greece from Italy. It covers a deck passenger ticket for the trip. Now that might be great if the boat ride were only a few hours, maybe even 5 hours would be nice.... BUT the boat ride is a whopping 22 hours. So, we can only hope (and keep our fingers crossed that it does not rain, and that the weather is slightly forgiving of our predicament) but if not, I will be prepared with my MEC "Toaster" pants. Jetson has a pair too, so we might be okay. They're fleece lined windbreaker style pants. and HELLO are they ever warm!!
So, I hope this has cleared up a few confusions as to what this website is about. It is (or is going to be) about my travels, expeditions and adventures that will inevitably take place in Europe. I could not be more excited about this trip!!!!! I've wanted to do this trip for longer than I can actually remember, so it's going to happen, and in less than a week....... WHOA!!!

So, once I land in London, and have something hilarious, or interesting, or even a great picture, I will update this site, and I will try to write in coherent sentences, even though I am unfortunatly linked to serious spelling mistakes, run on sentences, and word combinations that only are clear to me. (and I think they are incredibly intelligent, regardless of what others might say!) That's sad to admit after 4 years of University and an english degree at hand....

And so to end this journal entry that I could ramble on for days about ( this is my excellent procrastination time from packing my house and preparing for my move tomorrow) I say adieu ~~