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Zoetza’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 21 Dec 2005

Location: Stonehaven - Scotland, UK

MapHappy mid-winter to you all.
I am writing from Jenna's wonderful family's house in Stonehaven Scotland. It is a beautiful small town on the eastern coast of Scotland. We are having a wonderful time, and Jenna's family has provided us with a wonderful place to stay (thanks to Ian for the room) and plenty of tea and wine and good things to eat. We have been to Aberdeen (the next largest town) to look for work, and places to stay. We were WORRIED at first seeing as we are now out of money, but after a trip into Aberdeen we are feeling much better about all of it. It's large enough that we should be able to find some work, and there are a few furnished flats that we should be able to rent for a relatively good price.
We are going to be spending Christmas here, and then we're not quite sure how soon after our move to Aberdeen will be made. We might stay here for New Years as well, but soon enough we will have a residence of our own.
I apologize for the lack of pictures up on the site, but soon I will try to write more of an update, and add some pictures.
hope all is well
miss you all
Merry Christmas
much love - Zo