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Zoetza’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 24 Dec 2005

Location: Stonehaven, UK

MapNew Years Eve -
Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years!!! Here we are in Stonehaven - doing as the Scots do... which is drinking yourself silly around the holidays. Last night Jenna and I went out on the town with Jenna's cousin and his friends... we had a grand time... drinking... and flailing...and drinking.... It was my job to drink my pints as fast as I could.... why? because I was being a show off and trying to prove how much beer I could drink in such a short period of time. A good idea you might ask? No... not.... because on Christmas Eve, the tradition is again, to go to the pubs, get drunk, come home and open presents after midnight, and I'm just not ready for another night of drinking... Also, a note for all of you thinking of travelling to Scotland... those people who live in Glasgow (*they are called Glaswegians) have the thickest Scottish accent I have ever heard. For the most part I am completely fine with the accents, but after a few pints, trying to have a conversation with a Glaswegian is quite unbelievably tricky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We're having a great time though...just so you know.
It's strange because it's so warm here, there is no snow, and it's not even cold enough to wear a warm coat. It is raining today though, so maybe this Christmas in Scotland will be remeniscient of a Victoria Christmas with mild weather and lack of snow. Everyone here believes Canada is freezing right now, all of it, so it's always a tricky conversation for Jenna to explain that the weather is the same, and for me to explain in fact HOW cold it is back home in Ontario.
Anyways I think I have to go have a nap now so that I am ready to get "booted and suited" for tonights Christmas Eve pub extraveganza!!!
much love -