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Zoetza’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 28 Dec 2005

Location: Stonehaven...still..., UK

MapGreetings all,
Hope Christmas was glorious, and that you all ate plenty, and got wonderful gifts from Santa!!
Our Christmas was lovely. We got up, ate the Cinnamon Buns that Jenna and I made (remeniscient of the Kazakos family tradition) opened our presents (yes, we even got presents!!!) and had a great Christmas dinner feast!!!!!!! Jenna's cousins even stopped slagging us due to our Canadian-ness for a while. Now, for the meantime we are still in Stonehaven, and maddingly trying to find our own place, but whomever thought it would be a good time of the year to find flats to rent, and jobs to work, was severely mistaken... because there is very little available right now. We phoned a number of letting agencies (because here you have to rent/let your flat through an agency) however most of them do not open until the 4th of January. Inconvenient? A little. However we did manage to make a few appointments, one this Friday, and a couple more for the 4th. Here's hoping we find ourselves in our own flat shortly!! We appreciate staying here with Jenna's family, they are truly wonderful for putting us up for so long, but it would be nice to find jobs, and have a place to call our own. Once life is a little more sorted, and we have our own place, our own address, our own telephone, we will both feel a little more relaxed. I will finally update my website with some more pictures, and make some well deserved phone calls back home.... I would update the photos right now, but out here in Stonehaven we are on dial up internet connection, and unless I wanted to spend all night uploading 5 pictures, I'm going to have to wait for a quicker internet connection.
much love